1st February 2018

Digital: more than social media

When someone asks how you can use digital more in your organisation, what comes to mind first? For me, its social media or using the internet… but digital is so much more than that.

Let this session remind you of the other uses and introduce you to new, easy, and inexpensive ways to use digital. We'll focus on how digital practice can access new audiences or deepen relationship with others.

Think of a trip to the theatre:you've booked your tickets online, checked the weather on an app, booked a taxi through your smartphone, and you've made dinner reservations through a website. But you have to turn your phone off when the play starts. How can digital be a part of the cultural experience? VR, livestreaming, video, audio guides, augemented reality... there are plenty of exciting opportunities.

Who is it for? This event is free for any arts, culture, or heritage organisation that is interested in exploring digital innovations in the cultural sector.

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Event Information

Find out the new, easy, and inexpensive ways to use digital in your organisation. 

Details TBC

  • Date:

    Thursday 1 February 2018

  • Time:

    00:00 - 01:00

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